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    Venio is a revolutionary mobile application providing bill payments, a goods & services marketplace, bank & credit facilities with worldwide cash remittances and Venio credit transfers

    Pay, Buy, Bank & Transfer

    Everyday, Everywhere!

    What We Do

    Venio simplifies the complexity of daily life in communities around the world by providing access to a gateway of services designed to offer what they need in one easy-to-use friendly Application. With payments, marketplace, banking and transfer, Venio helps people with their daily necessities. Venio delivers responsible financial services and commerce with our secure, fast, user-friendly App designed to support you and your family everyday. Venio Marketplace has a wide range of global partners that provide products and services for Food, Communication, Transportation, Health, Entertainment and a lot more. Everything that you and your family needs in one place!

    How We Do It


    Easily manage payments for bills, subscriptions and products. Venio also provides corporate payment and checkout options


    Venio’s Marketplace has a wide range of products and services with amazing deals and discounts


    Venio provides banking services with debit cards and the flexibility to reload, complete transactions, and withdraw funds


    Venio provides worldwide remittance services and Venio Credit transfers to friends, family, and business

    Payment Partners

    Marketplace Categories

    Local Stores

    Make cashless payments for what you need quickly and safely at your local stores


    Always be in touch with your loved ones with instant airtime credits across the biggest global telco networks

    Food & Goods

    Your favorite products, meals and brands from markets, malls, restaurants and more


    Cars, taxis, rail, bus, local transportation getting you where you want to be


    Maintain health with access to what you need when you need it

    Entertainment & Gaming

    Apps, games, and videos to keep you entertained anytime!


    Check out the latest offers, discounts and deals on your favorite products and services


    Send a needed gift package or transfer credits to friends and family from overseas or locally

    Easy Access - Financial Assistance

    Venio provides access to financial services in the US with an FDIC insured bank account to help you manage your finances and a Mastercard debit card for ATM withdrawals and to shop in stores and online

    Remittances, Transfer Cash, Venio Credits and Purchases Anytime Anywhere!

    Venio users from across the world can conveniently transfer Cash to their friends and family


    John Pinto

    Manila, Philippines

    "Venio helps me with my day-to-day needs. Everything is so easy because I can buy things and transfer credits with just a few taps on my phone!"

    Maria Gonzalez

    Mexico City, Mexico

    "With Venio my relatives abroad can transfer Venio Credits or Cash when I need it to my account to assist me with my daily purchases!"

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